Important Information: Covid-19 Update on Testing

There are now a number of tests available which can show previous exposure to Covid-19, and/or response to Covid vaccination.  These are outlined below but we are happy to discuss your requirements if you are uncertain about which test/s are appropriate for you. These tests involve taking a small blood sample and sending it for [...]

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Important Information: Covid-19 Vaccine

We wholeheartedly recommend any of the approved vaccinations against Covid-19. Unfortunately we are unable to get access to them throughout the private sector and this is likely to remain the situation for the foreseeable future. We advise all of our patients to check that they are currently registered with NHS practice and to do so [...]

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Managing your wellbeing with our occupational health services

Dr Ralph Rogers With Ralph Rogers in residence at Basuto Medical Centre, we’re proud to be able to offer cutting edge regenerative medical and sports therapy treatments. As well as this, we can also provide performance testing. Dr Rogers has a background in athletics and was formally the First Team Doctor at Chelsea [...]

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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Know your ABCs Some of you may be aware that March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Ovarian cancer mostly affects women over the age of 50 but more than 1000 younger women each year also develop ovarian cancers. See below for the ABC campaign which could possibly save your life. Abdominal pain [...]

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