Regenerative medicine – the natural way for your body to heal

When it comes to regenerative medicine and sports rehabilitation, Lipogems Therapy is a cutting-edge technology. It employs a precisely engineered device to harness the powerful healing capacity of your own adipose tissue. This supports the body’s natural regenerative process and therefore encourages healing.

Lipogems are created in a closed-system device that uses only sterile saline solution to wash away the impurities. This gentle process micro-fragments the fat, preserving the natural and beneficial properties of the tissue. The optimal size of the Lipogems tissue allows your physician to accurately inject a specific treatment site with a small gauge needle. This minimises pain at the injection site.

The Lipogems micro-fragmented injectable fat can be used to repair injured or damaged tissue. It also provides cushion and structural support which helps to enhance the body’s natural healing process.

You may be a candidate for Lipogems if:

  • You suffer from an injury or ailment that limits your normal daily functioning or physical activity.
  • Treatment options such as physical therapy, NSAIDS or steroid injections haven’t provided significant relief.

  • You would like to explore Lipogems as a minimally invasive alternative to a major surgical intervention.
  • Re-educating your harmful habits

To find out more about Lipogems as a form of regenerative medicine or sports rehabilitation, please feel free to contact us. Alternatively, you can request an appointment to see Dr Rogers using the link below.