A great way to stay in control of your health and pick up early signs of disease

A well woman check up is a great test for women of all ages. As well as giving you an idea of your overall health, it can also tell you whether you’re at higher risk of getting certain health problems.

At Basuto Medical Centre, our well woman check up provides an excellent opportunity to establish base levels of many important health markers. These can then be actively monitored for changes so you can keep a close eye on your health and reduce your risk of getting certain conditions.

As this is a female-only assessment, it focuses purely on women’s health. The assessment will cover all areas of female health and importantly, will provide you with the chance to have a relaxed and in-depth consultation with your doctor.

A well woman check up and health screen includes the following elements:

  • Full health and lifestyle assessment
  • Advice on additional testing tailored to the individual

  • Physical examination including blood pressure check and BMI

  • Range of blood test including:
  • – Haematology

  • – Biochemistry

  • – Liver function test
  • – Muscle enzyme
  • – Bone markers
  • – Cholesterol levels (total and fractions)
  • – Thyroid function test. Women over 50 are prone to an underactive thyroid. A blood test will identify this at a very early stage and allow the correct treatment to be given before it becomes a serious problem

  • – Iron. Anaemia is a common condition in women which can leave you feeling very tired and struggling to live life to the full

  • – Vitamin D level
  • Urine analysis
  • Resting ECG
  • Smear Test

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