Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Know your ABC’s

Some of you may be aware that March is Ovarian Cancer awareness month. Ovarian cancer mostly affects women over the age of 50 but more than 1000 younger women each year also develop ovarian cancers.

see below for the ABC campaign which could possibly save your life.

  • A – Abdominal pain

  • B – for bloating and disturbed bowels

  • C – for can’t eat much and feeling full

 Raising Awareness

Below I have added the link to the Target Ovarian Cancer website, which suggests ideas on how to raise money for the charity but also gives you more information about Ovarian Cancer and the signs to look out for.

Here at Basuto we have a collection box at the desk with leaflets, pins and wristbands.

Any donation you feel you are able to give would be greatly appreciated.


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